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WELCOME to Women's Workshop

What is Women's Workshop?

A community for women living with Vitiligo.

Through a series of workshops and online meetings, we will share our stories, connect, empower, and further develop a sense of community. It's a safe space to feel vulnerable and united. Women with strong social circles are living longer, happier, and healthier lives compared to those who lack connections. Here you can achieve deep, meaningful relationships with other women with Vitiligo that accelerate and support your highest potential, while receiving the tools to instill confidence in yourself and your Vitiligo journey. We will cover topics around dating, family, treatments, confidence building, mindfulness techniques, and so much more. 


Meet our Women's Workshop Leader

Tiffany Grant is a New York based wife and mother of two. She currently works in the education field and has a background in counselling.  

Tiffany has had Vitiligo for the past 23 years. She discovered her first spots at the age of seven. Tiffany has been an advocate for the Vitiligo community for the past several years. In 2015 she got a tattoo showing the world her vitiligo and launching her It's Called Vitiligo campaign.

Before joining VITFriends and serving as NY State Co-Leader, Tiffany has supported, and joined together with many people and communities, always bringing her vibrant and warm personality with her.

Here's what Tiffany says about her work with this Group: "I hope to guide you on your own journey to healing and empowerment." 

A GLOBAL Women SAFE place to Connect!

Tiffany became known and garnered a following on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms because of her tattooed inscription...

"It's Called Vitiligo"

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