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Welcome to Purple Patch Teens:

A Community for TEENS with VITILIGO to Connect and Communicate!

Purple Patch TEEN is a group specifically designed for teenagers with vitiligo between the ages of 13 and 20, which was founded in January 2023. The group is led by a Group Leader and Co-Leader, supported by a team of Parent Advisors and several Teen Leaders. The community plans to organize various events, host speakers, celebrate teen successes, and even have game nights and TIK-TOK & Instagram connections. Join us for all this and more!

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Introducing the Work of Aparna Deokar,
VITFriends' Teen Peer Leader

We are thrilled to showcase the remarkable work of Aparna Deokar, creator and director of this piece. Aparna, a high school student living with Vitiligo, is an active member of our Boston Vitiligo Community and serves as a Peer Leader of the Purple Patch Teen Group. We extend our congratulations to Aparna and express our gratitude to her supportive parents. Additionally, we'd like to thank the Global Vitiligo Foundation for funding this project.

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