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Michelle Johnson






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I was born and raised in Gary Indiana, I’ve had vitiligo since elementary. I can remember like it was yesterday, I informed my mother that there was a spot on my knee. She responded if it gets worse let me know; well it got worse! The doctor informed me that I had vitiligo. He explained to us that it was like paint on a wall, chipping away it’s color. I can remember being scared and looking at the aqua blue walls in this cold room. That was the start of my journey. 


Since 2019 I have served as the Executive Director for the Housing Authority of the City of College Park , I also serve as the Director for the College Park Affordable Housing Coalition. I previously served as the Rental Assistance Division Manager for the Housing Authority of Prince George's County where I was responsible for the administration of a program with 5800 vouchers and Public Housing Intake. I also worked as a Program administrator where I ran three departments for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City with over 12,000 vouchers. I have experience in Property Management and Housing Choice Voucher administration. I have knowledge of Low Income Housing Tax Credits as well as the Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership and Project Based programs. I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Tennessee State University and a Master of Business Administration from Strayer University Nashville. She holds Housing Choice Voucher Program Executive Management certification, Accredited Residential Manager Certification and Certified Professional of Occupancy Designation. 

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I met my beautiful wife at a Halloween party one night after my cousin invited me to the  party in Crystal City, Virginia. Prior to meeting her, my cousin told me that she “didn’t want  to meet anyone” and that she’s “only there to enjoy the party. So don’t try to holler at her.” I  assured him that I wasn’t trying to meet anyone and proceeded to book my room in the  hotel where the party was being held. When my cousin brought his date and my future wife to  my room, I wasn’t expecting much. I had my operating room scrubs on with a stethoscope  in an effort to imitate a doctor for Halloween. My cousin walked through the door with his  date, and I opened the door for who would be my future wife. She walked in, looked at my  hands, grabbed them and said, “Oh, you have vitiligo like me.” Her acknowledgement to  what was a struggle for me initially, was enough to attach myself to her. I courted her and  the rest is history.  


I could not be here without the efforts of my beautiful wife, Michelle. She prepared  me for so much and for that I am forever grateful. She has been my muse and we are a team  in the fight for a better tomorrow. She is the Bonnie to my Clyde, the Michelle to my Barack,  and the Beyonce to my Jay-Z. We have goals, a business, and strong aspirations to be  successful. When you see her you see me, when you see me you see her, and when you see  us both, you are seeing a reflection of God. 


Tel. 844-374-3639

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