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Become An Affiliate!

Are you interested in starting a Group in your City/State?

an affiliate...

  • Become a VITFriends AFFILIATE and start a group in your area and we will STAND/Support and work with you.

  • VITFriends does NOT lead your group -or- take away the RIGHTS of your leadership.

  • VITFriends does NOT instruct your leadership. 

  • VITFriends works with your leadership and offer guidance, as needed.

  • VITFriends suggest your annual financial support, which for the most part COVERS the cost of supplies.

  • VITFriends  encourages all groups to apply for your 501c3 if you so desire.

  •  VITFriends can serves as your fiscal sponsor if you have NO 501c3!

  • VITFriends is here to uplift, talk, strengthen, Inspire.... We NEED each other in  Love and UNITY!

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