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Our BOOK Drive has been a huge SUCCESS, reaching 48 elementary schools across America to-date! These books are getting into classrooms across the USA and our HOPE is to continue this effort with the generous support of our friends like YOU. Thank you for your TAX DEDUCTIBLE gift to this cause.

Bringing awareness about our Skin condition known as VITILIGO into elementary schools is what we hope will dispel the bullying that so many of our children are experiencing on a daily basis.

Our Authors for this project are:

Yan Valle, CEO of VRF - "A No-Nonsense Guide to Vitiligo"

Phyllis Russell-Gilmer, "Skin Deep"

Lori Mitchell, "Different Just Like Me" 

Kim Kirkland, "Vitiligo Doesn't Scare Me!"

Audrey VanStockum, "The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo"

Ali Standish, "How to Disappear Completely"

Nakeyia Glover-Jones, "Super Spots"

We also have several other AUTHORS books in use that has been well received by 

many schools.

If you would LOVE to make a DONATION to support our Book Drive, we would greatly

appreciate your kindness! 

If every person reading this message would give $15.75 we could get at least ONE 

book into many more classrooms. Thanks for partnering with us and helping us get the

message to our children that someone is rooting for them in this 21st Century!

You can GIVE here, Thanks:

Here are our amazing READERS; They are representing in this order: 

(1st row) Boston, MA; Springfield, MA; New York;   (2nd row) Minnesota; Virginia; Weston, MA;   

(3rd row) North Carolina; Florida; North Carolina;     (4th row) NYC, VA

Here are the BOOKS that we have been able to share with others. Please use AMAZONSmile for your purchases and we will be credited for the sale

The Books are:

1.  A No-Nonsense GUIDE to Vitiligo

2.  The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo

3. Different Just Like Me

4. Vitiligo Doesn't SCARE Me

5. Skin Deep  -

Get your books today! 


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