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WELCOME Vitiligo Friends

Happy VITILIGO Awareness Month Globally!


The words of our 17 year old TEEN Leader - "It is my DUTY to Advocate for Vitiligo"  - Priyanka Francis, CA


Capitol Hill Day - April 23 - 25, 2023

We are EXTREMELY proud of our representatives who were in DC this week STAND Strong and representing our National Vitiligo Community with the Coalition of Skin Diseases organization on Capitol Hill.

Special THANK you to:
Millicent Meadows - VITFriends Founding Member / CT VITFriends Leader / TEEN Group Leader

Michelle and TJ Johnson - Baltimore City VITFriends Leaders

Mark Braxton - NC VITFriends co-leader / Podcast Host

Tonja Johnson - Beautifully Unblemished (A VITFriends Affiliate FL)

Extremely PROUD of our team that represented us in New Orleans, Thank you!

Did you Know...

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On March 8, 2021 FDA held the first ever Vitiligo Community HEARING...

On July 18, 2022 The United State Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  APPROVED a treatment for Vitiligo.

Who are VITFriends?? by aliciaroufs

VITFriends will be featured in an upcoming documentary film called "More Than Our Skin" created by Hull Bay Productions

MORE THAN OUR SKIN is a film designed to

incorporate four key elements in telling this

important story. Here are the sections below:

The film, More Than Our Skin will be a

documentary exploring in depth the effects of

living with Vitiligo through the stories of those

who live it.

Through the personal and often painful stories

of eight women (and/or men), More Than Our

Skin will dig into a deeper understanding of

what it means to live with Vitiligo:

  • Stories of falling into deep depression

  • Stories of contemplating suicide

  • Stories of isolation and addiction

  • Stories of death

We want the individuals telling their stories to change the narrative of what people think of Vitiligo. We want to eliminate the stigmas by allowing the viewing audience to meet the people who will share their stories of pain and promise.

To learn more about this film click here

World VITILIGO Conference 2022 in Bloomington, MN was a HUGE success!

Special THANK You to our MN Leader and VITFriends Marketing Director, Alicia Roufs and Team
for a tremendous job!

Remembering 2019:

Our 2019 National Vitiligo Community Conference and World Vitiligo Celebration was a major success, with over 320 in attendance.

THANKS to the hard work of Dianne Tribbit and the Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement  Team.    CONGRATULATIONS!




What is Vitiligo - and - Who is VITFriends?


Katrina Christian


N.C. Co-Leader 



GuideStar Member  

 Our organization is a SILVER GuideStar

Exchange participant, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.



Our organization is Listed:


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 Info about World Vitiligo Day

"World Vitiligo Day is a day to create extensive awareness 

on vitiligo and a day dedicated to all living with vitiligo globally"

Says: Ogo Maduewesi

a Nigerian Vitiligo patient, 

 Founder and Executive Director of the

Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation  (VITSAF)


 As we look at the future of Vitiligo,

What is it that we ASK of our Politicians?

-       For Vitiligo to be classified as a disease?

-       For treatment or medications specific to Vitiligo?

-       For Vitiligo to be COVERED by Insurance?

-       For Government funding for Research?

-       For Funding for Support Group and awareness efforts?

The revival of The National Vitiligo Act.



VITFriends is a PROUD Member of:

NIH Coalition


  Global Vitiligo Foundation

Vitiligo Research Foundation



YOUR support   -   Any Support

WILL make a difference


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Our HISTORIC - 1st World Vitiligo Day Rally 

June 25, 2016

on the  

US Capitol Steps, Washington, D.C.






This event that was a major success!



"Look how far we've come"  

-  Alicia Roufs, MN Leader  -


                We REMEMBER:                 WEZE RADIO Boston, MA                                       Click for announcement


Vitiligo is REAL!   Living with Vitiligo, Eczema, Discoid Lupus, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, or any other form of skin condition can be for most patients, a physical, mental and emotional challenge; but it IS possible. 




QUICK News Highlights.....

Vitiligo is becoming increasingly prevalent.  

What are your concerns?


Our concerns are:


* that you would consider helping VITFRIENDS with this work of educating others.

* that you would help us as we support and encourage individuals with Vitiligo.

*  that you would  attend our annual conference and also share it with others.

*  that you would distribute our brochures, flyers and postcards to individual you encounter with Vitiligo.

*  that you would  volunteer to assist at our educational seminars and conference which are held every year

*  that you would pray for this organization.

*  that you would GIVE to this non-profit organization.


Please email us your questions: 


           Educate  -  Connect  -  Transform


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