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 Meet our Leader

Reneasha Hawthorne from Green Bay, WI is a Licensed Childcare Provider and mother of 3. Her youngest daughter Ja?Hirah, who is now 14years old, was diagnosed with Vitiligo at the age of 4, after mom noticed a light spot on both knees! 

Reneasha said that she made an appointment with Ja?Hirah pediatrician, who knew what it was right away and referred them to Dermatologist. They would have to travel to Children?s Hospital in Milwaukee WI once a month on a Saturday to visit the Dermatologist, who prescribed her a topical steroid cream. However, because of time, insurance NOT covering the treatment, we stopped traveling to Children?s Hospital. 

They later found another Dermatologist closer who recommended the UVB light treatments 3x a week! It became overwhelming for Ja?Hirah and she began experiencing bad nose bleeds during the treatment, so we stopped treatment and began noticing her vitiligo spreading rapidly. It was not until the age of 12 that it really sunk in that??this is gonna be her & that she will have to learn to except it & embrace it!? 

In 2016 Reneasha started and registered Beautifully Made (Vitiligo Awareness support group) A few weeks later she discovered another group with the same name, same purpose. RENEASHA SAID?.?I loved the name but decided to change it because that group had registered their name a week before I did. So, she chose the best name ever The Ja?Hirah Darielle Foundation, Inc! 

Reneasha credits Jeremy Gawn Carlos Ward from Texas, a VITFriends facebook member, with connecting her to our group and encouraged her to attend WVD2016 in D.C. but she was unable to.  In 2017 Jeremy again encouraged her to attend WVD2017 in Detroit to which she said YES! Reneasha said when we asked Ja?Hirah if she was interested in attending Detroit she immediately said Yes. Reneasha said??We learned a lot & met a lot of amazing people! I am so excited to be a part of such a great thing! I?m also so happy to start this VITFriends journey with other amazing support groups thanks for welcoming me with open arms.?  VITFriends Wisconsin  

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