VITILIGO Friends "VITFriends"

A Vitiligo Support Community of FRIENDS

Support Groups

Our States Chapters (click the state to direct to their page) VITFriends serves as a conduit to any state vitiligo group desiring support!

An AFFILIATE is a branch or subsidiary of VITFriends, Inc.

VITFriends AFFILIATES are small groups that are led by a board members in their own home states. These affiliates would plan monthly, quarterly or yearly meetings, as they so desire.

These affiliates members would attend our annual World Vitiligo gathering, they will join regular conference CALLS where they would report the highlights, give an overview of their group and their meetings, events, share vitiligo news and updates. They also have a page on our website where they share photos, news and information. There is also an affiliate photo album by state.

Each state will have an extension on the 800 line, FREE use of the conference lines for holding meetings, as well as an vitfriends email address. 

Finally, Affiliate leaders will be provided support 24/7. 

For information on becoming an affiliate click:

or WRITE to us at: 

Call us:  1-844-374-3639   or  1-844-FRI-ENDZ

Please SELECT your desired STATE extension NUMBER..... 

WVD 2019 t-shirts for members attending. $13 each.  T-shirts will be handed out in Houston on Friday.  


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