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Looking BACK.....

June 25, 2015 - World VITILGO Day - Massachusetts State House Rally.

Our first ever RALLY on the steps of the Massachusetts State Capitol at 12:30pm was a success.    



2015 Conference UPDATE:

Our 7th Annual Conference

      Was a great SUCCESS!


See NEWS page for details about full Conference AUDIO and DVD

See PHOTO page 

to capture some of


                   WALK for Vitiligo Awareness



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  Great Conference Quotes:

2015 by Alex - "If you don't like what you see  you can kiss my black and white ass" 


"We are ALL a different chapter in a great book.."


"Embrace your reality"


"Vitiligo had my BUT...for a long time." for example:

(1) I want to go out, but...(2) I want to go to the beach...but (3) I want to go to the gym...but."


 "Embrace your Beauty."


 "Don't let anything or anyone dull your sparkle."


 "Loving the skin that I am in."


 "Folks will perceive you the way you perceive  yourself."


 "I am the definition of beauty."


"Own your VITILIGO."


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