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Meet our Founder/President

 "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better. It's not."
- Dr. Seuss,  The Lorax


UMass Medical School - Worcester, MA

 A conversation with 

Valarie Molyneaux


Here are some of Valarie's accomplishments

2009 Launched VITFriends Vitiligo Support Group

2009 Sister-2-Sister Prayer/Support Group Director

2013 Presented Vitiligo to the Boston City Council

2013 Blue Hills Bank Home-Town Hero's Award Recipient

2015 First Vitiligo Rally on the Massachusetts State House Steps

2016 Inaugural US Capitol Steps Vitiligo Rally Organizer

2018 Flag flown over the U.S. Capitol Recipient

Vitiligo Research Foundation Advisory Member

Global Vitiligo Foundation Committee member

L'Oreal Paris/NY 2020 Woman of Worth Candidate


Read her personal vitiligo story

Our President


Hello and WELCOME!  My name is Valarie Molyneaux the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VITFriends. I am a wife, mother, kindergarten teacher, poet, Licensed/Ordained Minister, Women's Prayer Support Group Leader, Vitiligo Patient ADVOCATE, Global Vitiligo Foundation Member, NIAMS (NIH) Coalition Member, Vitiligo Research Foundation Advisory Member and community activist.

I am responsible for the overall executive management of VITFriends, including outreach, chapter development, brand development, strategic planning, fundraising, board development, program oversight and the organizational/team management.

My VITILIGO first presented itself in 2001, with a small dot on my left thumb. I questioned my primary care physician, asking....What is this?  Why me?  Finding NO local support group, I reached out and for $25.00 annually I joined Vitiligo Support International (VSI) on December 6, 2002 using the name Vitfriend.

Today, this is NO laughing matter. This JOKE is real!  With NO family history, this thing is a mystery.

We have been told that Vitiligo is mainly an autoimmune disorder. but I have heard so many other stories. One theory that I have heard and that we ALL may need to pay attention to is that of too much Antibiotic and Stress in our lives; also, the dangerous ingredents in our foods to preserve the shelf life is a huge problem. Here is a clip from an article I read: High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), tops the list of dangerous food ingredients, is made by treating a large quantity of glucose (a sugar) with an enzyme that changes part of the glucose into a much sweeter fructose. HFCS is cheaper than cane sugar and it is inexpensively producedSo, I ask you to think with me, is there a link to such things as VITILIGO, Cancer, the rise of diabetes?  We NEED to know, we need to be educated....and then, what can we do?

The medical community has stated that vitiligo is caused by the bodies own immune system turning on itself. Also, we should consider our environment - Do we have a problem? As of today, the medical community still has NO definitive answers to our questions as to the #1 cause of VITILIGO....

Here is something to consider - Did you know that Vitiligo can also be found in animals? An interesting thing to note is that record numbers of people are reporting some sign of WHITE PATCHES on different areas of their body, so...have you checked?

Because of this website that I created in 2004, my personal VITILIGO circle of friends are from all around the world.   My hope is that folks would question their primary care physicians, question the medical community, elected officials, question their dermatologist, even question the MEDIA (Oprah, Ellen, FOX TV and others) in hopes of bringing attention to this mystery.

Thanks for visiting with us, I hope that you will stop by often.



Here's the  STORY -


Here is her BOOK on AMAZONSmile - or - Our VITFriends Book Store






The LIFE of our President Valarie Molyneaux as depicted by Real Life Theatre of Bethel Gospel Assembly, Harlem, NYC. 

This was our 2014 VITFriends VITILIGO Conference hosted by Richard Rossy, VITFriends Photographer & Patricia Rossy, VITFriends Vice President. 

Patricia & Richard



                 LIVING DAPPLED tells our president's story


Thank you Erika Page.....






Personal Life Coach

My name is Valarie Molyneaux, I am a former Bank Officer 14yrs, currently in the field of Education for 23years. I hold a B.A. from the University of MA in Human Service and Early Childhood Education (FULL Scholarship) and I would LOVE being your Life Coach.

 Most of my clients are individuals, who like me are dealing with the skin condition known as Vitiligo. My goal is to offer encouragement, self esteem and self confidence strategies as well as self management skills and HOPE. This is what I believe can help my clients deal with the present and future of their skin condition.

As a Life Coach, primarily to the Vitiligo Community, I would endeavor to encourages and guide my clients on their personal journey with this condition.

Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, mentoring, counseling, and administering therapy. As the coach, the aim is that through our TALK Therapy sessions, I am able to help my clients to considering their personal goals, aspiration and resolve, as they journey through their disease with, a clear focus on LOVING themselves.

Let's BEGIN with these QUESTIONS:


 This Service begins with

#1. Consider how serious you are about Talk Therapythen consider a LIFE COACH. 

#2. Review and Submit the completed form provided on the              

Life Coach Service page.  

THEN we will schedule your: 

 FREE initial 10 - 15 minutes CONSULTATION.

(CALL: 911 - if in distress.....CALL: Needing to TALK844-374-3639)


Coaching Details

FIRST, we ask that you would review this page:

As your Life Coach, I will be an objective, confidential, and a respectful partner in this journey through Vitiligo. I am NOT a counselor, a psychiatrist, or a psychotherapist, instead as a coach, my goal is to inspire YOU - my clients to move forward, to be proactive and to live the very best life you can. I promise to be available to support and to motivate my clients to ensure that they attain their goals in life.

Coaching Guidelines

1. The coaching sessions are done over the phone,

2. Session generally lasts for 30 minutes.

3. There is a one-time $25.00 set-up fee which includes initiating a file, guideline handout, a FREE follow-up phone call at the end of the month, periodic email updates. 


4. A three months commitment to the coaching sessions is recommended to see the full effectiveness of this technique.


5. Payment MUST be made before session begins and are made via PAYPAL            (if there are any financial difficulties be open to duscuss it)


6. Select the coaching service below that is appropriate for you and once payment is made and you have provided a phone number YOU WILL receive your SET-UP call.

Finally, the client determines whether their sessions extend beyond the first three months. Sessions can go from three months to one year based on the desire of the client. An open mind is required. JOURNALING is recommended. Please email your questions or concerns to:

Thank you,

(ALL proceeds benefit the VITFriends Support Organization)


Valarie Molyneaux, President/CEO

BA - University of Massachusetts - Human Service Intervention





                                                     Our COACHING SERVICES: 

Schedule and Fees:





    "Giving an ear - Means we care"





Valarie Molyneaux is a Life Coach not a theraphist. She shares from her personal experiences of dealing with the PAIN and SHAME of Vitiligo. 

By doing this, Valarie is able to help others to come to terms with what she once called a cosmetically disfiguring disease. Valarie is empathetic to remind Vitiligo patients that they must begin to deal with Vitiligo by looking at themselves from the beauty that is INSIDE and NOT the vitiligo on the outside. 

As a Life Coach and based on her years of service, Valarie first offers new vitiligo patients insight into her own experiences of dealing with the condition. If you are interested in learning more about this services,  please scroll down this page for more details. 

Valarie is a great listener who enjoys helping others as she offers emotional support. Valarie is NEITHER a Counselor or a Therapist; however, as a Life Coach her goal is to help her clients deal with this life event called VITILIGO. Valarie listens with her heart, hence her book of poetry entitled "My HEART Speaks." Valarie has a BA in Human Service with a minor in Early Childhood Education from the University of Massachusetts and her human service focus was in the area of Intervention. Valarie also holds AA degrees in Christian Education, Human Service and Early Childhood.


 TALK Theraphy can be, consider our LIFE COACH....


Made available to ALL...NOT just our VITILIGO Friends.

See details below...


Notary Public Service

If you reside within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and are in need of Notary Services, please feel free to contact our president with your questions.  617-816-5241

A public servant of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, proving prompt NOTARY service, she will answer your questions. If you desire her services, please NOTE the following: For a successful Notary act ?

* Be sure that individuals having their signatures notarized are physically present and have an original/legal photo ID in hand.
* Please....DO NOT sign your documents before the notarization. The notarial acts require that the Notary Public witnesses the signature.

For FEES and to make an inquiry go to:


Mrs. Molyneaux

Notary Public

of the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Commission Expires: July 25, 2026



 What are Notary Services?

A notary public is a public official who notarizes legal documents and who can also administer and take oaths and affirmations, among other tasks. Although notaries are public officials, they are not paid by the government; however, they may obtain income by charging fees, provide free services in connection with other employment (for example, bank employees), or may provide free services for the public good. There are about 4.5 million notaries in the United States.


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