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Is VITILIGO too hard to handle? Would you like for someone to PRAY for you or with you? Would you like someone to PRAY for a particular situation that you are dealing with? Please let us hear from you at: Please share your prayer request with us. 

If you are interested in knowing if our Life Coach can help, please see our presidents page.

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From: Valarie Molyneaux, VITFriends President

I Pray for you if you still struggle with coming to terms with your vitiligo.

I Pray for you who struggle and hide behind make-up and other things.

I Pray for your courage and for your strength which ONLY comes from God


    I Pray that you will accept - John 3:27 - which says                                  

"YOU can receive nothing, except it be given YOU from heaven."



Good Day Valarie and VITFriends:

I trust you are blessed. I have been on your website and was touched by the
stories people tell... I am a born again Christian and  have been praying for my
fiancé to be completely healed from Vitiligo. He is 32 years old and has
Vitiligo go for over 3 years. This sickness is taking away his joy and we are
getting married in less than a month. I strongly believe that through Christ
Jesus our lord and savior any sickness can be healed and every curse can be
broken through the blood of Jesus. Please pray with me for complete healing for
S C, his skin will look the way the lord has planned in Jesus name. I
will continue to pray for all sicknesses in every body to dry up in Jesus

God bless....

Your Friend in Christ  




WORDS of PRAISE: Valarie Molyneaux, President

I thank GOD for a friend who went on to heaven early because she was overcome by cancer. Because of my friend Sonja Maxine Bishop-Lartey on July 3, 2010, the day she left us, I felt such a deliverance/FREEDOM from my make-up and have NOT touched/covered up since.

"I am Free ...and my friend Sonja is too. She is FREE from her Cancer...   

                                   God Bless you Sonja"





Our VITFriends mottto: Loving - Sharing...Caring HANDS!

June 2012: Saying GOODBYE to a love one is a painful thing. We remember our friend Wendy Colon and family in Florida. Here are Wendy's words about here Grandmother:



November 2016:  Hi , my name is Mr A and I got vitiligo 5 years ago. It is spreading quickly. Since  I'm from the Caribbean and people here are not that open about the disease it's making it harder for me. I used to be a very open person and right now I keep to myself. I'm always depressed . I can not leave my house without make up . This is very depressing. I want to fight this . Vitiligo and the depression. Please pray for me.

RESPONSE: Hello A and WELCOME to VITFriends!  We are so happy that you would write and share with us. Vitiligo has a mind of its own and yes, for some it spreads quickly, while for others it moves very slow with NO specific reason. Have you consulted with a Dermatologist and what have they recommend that you try? Many of us with Vitiligo can tell you that we ALL have experience some level of depression in the early stage of discovering that we have Vitiligo for which there is still NO known specific cure. Research is on-going, but the lack of funding is one of the greatest problem for the researchers who are working hard. Like you, I was also very outgoing and involved in community effort and church efforts but pulled back for most of it. I am not sad that I did because it made me focus and devote my time to this volunteer work for my vitiligo community. Like you, in the earlier years I left my house ONLY for work and church. I would encourage that you surround yourself with others like you who can relate and who can share their experience dealing with Vitiligo. Are you on facebook? This is where you can join our active community and there are many other groups online as well.  May God bless you and give you the courage and strength to face this challenging time and the times to come. It is NOT easy, nor is it going to be easy, but you have to make the decision to LIVE or DIE. Strive to live your BEST life right NOW. Show the world, show those who are looking-staring-laughing at your skin -  that you are BEAUTIFUL, just the way God made you. VITFriends in your corner and available DAY or NIGHT, email as often as you'd like to. God is with you!  

-  HE made you and He LOVE you...just the way you are. -




June 13, 2012: From Karen, a young lady with vitiligo and her mom has vitiligo also.

Valerie for the first time...I actually caught someone talking about my was at I walked into the was two ladies...and I heard the one lady telling the other lady...she didn't always have that on her face...I've known her I begin to tell her that it has a name and it's vitiligo and I told her what it was and I told her what it was and how I felt about it...and how I was doing just fine...afterwards I wonder how many others have been talking because,  I also cook the food I made sure to tell her that it is not contagious.

then she said, oh well, you’re still beautiful, but I didn't believe that she was sincere...I believe that she just said it because she got caught.  to be honest I didn't know how to feel when this happened...I think I was having mixed emotions...I actually forget that I have it until I am reminded every time I'm in the mirror...brushing my teeth...combing my hair...washing my face and I constantly check my body when I get out of the shower finding new spots I can't talk to my Mom about it because she feels so bad that I have it because she keeps telling me that she is sorry and that she shouldn't have had any I always tell her that I am alright and for the most part I am I just have my moments and I guess today is one of them.


Release on September 27, 2011 by Jessica Reedy

To our vitiligo family everywhere, here are some instructions. "DO NOT let anything get you down.." Just in case something may arise try this:



April 2012    -    Billie Jean Cosey  -  Louisiana  -  Health 

February 2012  -  Chanel/Gretta - Washinton, DC  -  Employment


PRAYER - June 10, 2011    Hello my name is Marilyn. I stay in Amarillo, TX. I am 37 years old. I am married with three kids (one boy-oldest, 2 girls).  I have been on the vitiligo website almost everyday trying to figure out should I make a prayer request. Why was I not sure? Because I don't believe that God cares for me because if he did he wouldnt have let this disease happen. It is ruining my life and I am to the point of giving up. I dont know if I want to continue on like this. I was such a beautiful person at one time but now my whole life has been changed because of this illness along with some other health issues I have. I need some help dealing with myself but it may be too late.
Pray a prayer for me, fall down on your knees and pray. That is a song that we use to always sing when I was growing up in Tulia, TX, in church.  Marilyn
RESPONSE: From Valarie, President

 Hello my dear Marilyn,

Your email touched me deeply and so I have enlisted the women of my church to join with me in praying for you and also our VITFRIENDS group.
First I want to say that GOD cares for you more than you know and He knows that you are strong enough for this TASK. Strong enough to teach others through this how to be accepting and loving of themselves and others. Here is a reminder: 1 Corinthians 10:13.......Good News Translation
13 Every test that you have experienced is the kind that normally comes to people. But God keeps his promise, and he will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at the time you are put to the test, he will give you the strength to endure it, and so provide you with a way out.
In my book of poetry "The Heart Speaks", there is one piece entitled "You can Handle it."  I wrote that on a day when I had to speak to myself and say to myself, can handle it......WHAT-ever-it-is.......Vitiligo or whatever, YES I can! That's where I began.
Consider vitiligo a speed BUMP and you WILL get over it, just move can do it. It cannot ruin your life UNLESS you let it. You are a BEAUTIFUL person because GOD has made you BEAUTIFUL. In the battle of SPERM and EGG you were CHOSEN and yes you will have days of doubting, but GOD loves you just the way you are and will help you.
I love you and will continue to PRAY for you. I want you to know that I am here for you, just email me.
Your sister, Valarie
"the reason why vitfriends do what we do"







A Vitiligo story from Bronx, NY - - David Concepcion Diaz 

Our beloved son David was a kind, sweet and sensitive single young man of twenty-five with a very bright future ahead of him. In the early fall of 2007 he was diagnosed with vitiligo and tragically, less than a year later, on July 15, 2008 he chose to end his life. Nothing will ever be the same for our family. The world feels like a different place without David. But together we have resolved to continue because we know that is what David would want.

In David’s loving memory, we offer his story in the hope that it can educate and bring awareness to other  families of children and young people with vitiligo. We have painfully learned that vitiligo is not just a simple skin disorder that can be easily treated or covered up with make-up, but rather that it is an incurable and often chronic medical condition that affects the whole person, including your loved one’s mental health. Vitiligo can result in significant psychological distress, major clinical depression and tragedy. It is imperative that families of children and young adults diagnosed with vitiligo are aware that initial and ongoing mental health screening and evaluation are just as important as the dermatological treatments currently offered to persons with this condition. Your loved one’s life may very well depend on early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of depression and/or other co-occurring mental health disorders.

Your PRAYER Request

A VIT Friend needs our PRAYERS:


My name is Sabrina and I was just diagnosed with vitiligo. I am so scared and don’t know what to do. I feel like my life is over. I see on you website that family and friends are the key to surviving or coping with this disease. I don’t have any family and my friends just don’t understand. I am contemplating if life is worth living. Will you please pray for me. I need help!

Thank you  

March 20, 2009

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Sent: Wed, 27 May 2009 9:44 pm
Subject: vitiilgo

My name is amily and im 17 years old. I've had vitiligo for 9 years now and each year my vitiligo spreads more and more. It gets very tough as no one understands the pain and suffering i go through because of tihs disorder. Being south asian , the pressure i feel gets worse as i grow older. My parents worry that if it spreads to my face i wont be suitable for marriage, future career opporunities, or a successfull life. I've tried talking to friends and family but they never seem to understand the mixed emotions and feelings your being put in. I also tried talking to my parents but it gets hard because i know seeing me with this condition causes them pain. Sometimes im up at 2 am hearing my mom cry, praying to God for me to heal. I am a very optimistic person, but vitiligo has affected my self-esteem and life so much. I have so much potential that i've been mussing out on because of this. Now that its summer, sometimes i even miss days of school because i hate wearing t-shirts ..and i get so self-conscience with the other people around me. I know my friends dont mind , and i dont really care what people think..its mostly hard for me. I just cant seem to accept it..when i see other teens who have perfect skin and so much great stuff and not appreciating it..i envy them and i wish i wouldnt feel that way. All i want is to gain my color back, so my mom is happy i can stop hearing her painful cries, so that i can enjoy going to parties and wearing dresses, so that no one is embarassed to be with me, so that i have self-confidence to do the things i want to do. I always think , maybe this MY a test from God, to see if i can get through it..and thats what i've been telling myself for years now. Sometimes i see repigmentation and then sometimes it gets worse. I just want my vitiligo to dissapear, and cope with it. Its affecting my life so much. please keep my family and i in your prayers. please.
-with love Amily




In sorrow...Be a friend....PRAY!

From: Mariana.... .I lost my son on September 18, He died suddenly but peacefully in his sleep. He was 20 year old. I still can not make any sense out of it. Everything that I hoped for, worked for and worried is irrelevant now. I do not know how to continue to live.       Thank you so much for your comforting letters. I really needed them, being a foreigner in US with no extended family close by. I am reading a lot now about life and death. And everything less than death seems so small and eventually reversible. Death is the only event here on Earth, that is irreversible and leaves no choice. Thank you again for your prayers and warm words. They mean a lot to me.     I find comfort to read your sweet posts to me. It is in pain and suffering we find the best people. Death of a child is the highest price to pay for spiritual growth but I did not have any choice. I am trying to go to each day one hour at the time. Thank you all very much, I love you.

Valarie's Response:  Deuteronomy 31:6........Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them(DEATH, PAIN, VITILIGO, FUSTRATION, SADNESS, LOSS)  because God WILL be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."   My heart and my PRAYERS are with you. I pray that as folks read your story, that they would STOP right where they are and pray for you. I pray for the PEACE of GOD to be with you.  I love what you said.... "Death of a child is the highest price to pay for spiritual growth but I did not have any choice. I am trying to go to each day one hour at the time."

I have NEVER walked in your shoes, but I think your are correct.......Yes, ...just like our VITILIGO...we have NO CHOICE in the matter.  If GOD needed an ANGEL and HE chose your son, we just have to accept that as HIS will.  It's hard, when you think of the WHY factor, but we MUST accept it as GODS will. Just know that HE does every thing well.  There is a message, a lesson in this and it's not just for you...but see what is happening here....there is a lesson for ALL of the readers of this story. My love and blessings to your family.



A Thought to Ponder:

'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'





The question is: Why were you created?                                                     




Our President shares her personal PAIN:

He encouraged my efforts with this web site: In LOVING memory of my cousin, my best FRIEND, my supporter - Mr. herman W. Daley who has shared comments on this site..."Herman, I will always LOVE you." (Read what a Boston Newspaper Article says:)  Activist dies in fall from rooftop - The Boston Globe


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