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We are pleased to announce that 2021 has brought us an UPGRADE from a 30minutes show to a ONE hour Show. 

Our hope is to hear the Vitiligo journey of our GUEST from across the globe.


Meet Your HOST: Valarie Molyneaux, Boston, MA   -  and  -   Mark Braxton, North Carolina

Thank YOU for supporting this effort financially with a donation of any size.

Our show will expand to three or more shows per week.


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Meet our 2021 Guest


Hear their incredible journey

Meet our Vitiligo brother since 2005 Anthony Abbout originally from PA, currently living in Italy for 35years. 

Anthony speaks several languages, he is a Father, a Military man, a dancer, a chef, a singer and so much more...

Meet our Vitiligo sister since 2006 Dr. Kamille West originally from Jamaica, where both of her parents are also doctors. 

Dr Kamille currently lives in Maryland and works at the National Institute of Health.

Meet our Vitiligo sister  Myrella Liz Cruz from the beautiful caribbean island of Puerto Rico which is a United States Territory.

Myrella is a mother and a Scientist and has participate in ALL of our ZOOM activities since this Pandemic.

Meet our Vitiligo brother David Thorn from Pennsylvania

David is a father and a Winery owner and a Landscape Architect. David  was once about 90% dipigmented but changing his DIET has made a world of different and his color has returned about 98%

Meet our Vitiligo brother Joshua Hampton from Maryland.  In 2016, he was one of our breakfast speakers at our inaugural Vitiligo WVD Conference in Washington, D.C. 

Joshua is an Electrician whose Vitiligo started when he was very young.

Meet our Vitiligo sister since 2015  Sharekia Winston from Virginia

Sharekia, a wife and mother, is a Licensed Practical Nurse and was scheduled to manage of Health and Sunblock table with Dr. Vaneeta Sheth at our 2016 inaugural WVD Conference in Washington, D.C. but due to unforseen circumstances she was unable to be with us.

Meet our Vitiligo sister Nakeyia Glover-Jones from Chicago 

Nakeyia is, a wife and mother, a former high school English Teacher and an Author of 12 book. 

Nakeyia currently has one Vitiligo story book, with a second due out summer 2021. She also has the title of publisher and now offering opportunities to others who want to publish their works.

Meet our Vitiligo brother since 2015 Jeff swan from West Virginia.

On February 20 at 11am EST - 10am CST on BlogTalkRadio - Meet and Hear the Vitiligo journey of a dear sister and friend of about 13years, meet Alma of Houston, TX

On February 21 at 1pm EST on BlogTalkRadio - Meet a talent Vitilgo sister and Hear her Vitiligo journey. This is Lidya is from Florida!

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