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VITFriends PODCAST has been around over 10years

Most of our podcast, going back 10years, can be found at:

We are pleased to announce that 2021 has brought us an UPGRADE from a 30minutes show to a ONE hour Show

Our hope is to hear the Vitiligo stories and journey of our GUEST from across the globe.


2021 we WELCOME our podcast Sponsor:


Meet Your HOST


Valarie Molyneaux, Boston -  Overseer, Co-Host  - 2010

Mark Braxton, North Carolina - Engineer, Co- Host  - 2020

Tiffany Grant, NY - Co - 2021

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is a proud recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Communicator Award for our PODCAST which was started in 2010.

Thank you Valarie Molyneaux, Host & President/CEO


Thank you Mark Braxton,

Co-Host & NC Co-Leader


Meet some of our 2021 Guest


Hear their incredible journey at the link above!

Meet our Vitiligo brother since 2005 Anthony Abbout 

originally from PA, currently living in Italy for 35years.

Anthony speaks several languages, he is a Father, 

a Military man, a dancer, a chef, a singer and so much more...

            Meet Myrella Liz Cruz from the beautiful of Puerto Rico. 

Myrella is a mother and Scientist and has participate in ALL of our ZOOM activities since this Pandemic.

Meet Phyllis Russell-Gilmer of Detroit, MI.

She is a person with Vitiligo, Wife, mother and Author.

Hear her story and her Journey with Vitiligo.

Meet our Vitiligo sister since 2006 Dr. Kamille West originally 

from Jamaica, where both of her parents are also doctors. 

Dr Kamille currently lives in Maryland and works N.I.H.

On February 20 at 11am EST - 10am CST on BlogTalkRadio 

Meet and Hear the Vitiligo journey of a dear sister and friend of about 13years, meet Alma of Houston, TX

Meet,Lawrence Wingate of  Charlotte, NC .

We first spoke with Lawrence when he had plans to assist 

with planning our inaugural WVD Rally & Conference in D.C on the Caqpitol Steps. 


Meet our VITILIGO sister Mira Walker of Jackson, MS. 

Congratulations to Dr Walker who graduated with her Doctoral Degree May 2021,

Meet Ogo Maduewesi, the VISIONARY behind organizing and the celebration of WORLD Vitiligo Day in the Month of June. Hear how it all came to be!

Ogo is from Nigeria and is the Founder and Executive Director of Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF)


Nakeyia Glover-Jones from IL.

She is, a wife and mother, a former high school

English Teacher and an Author of 12 book. Nakeyia currently has one Vitiligo story book, 

with a second due out summer 2021. 


Meet David Thorn who is from PA

David is a father and

a Winery owner and a Landscape 

Architect. He was 90% depigmented but changing his DIET has made a different and 98% of his color is back.

Meet Sir Ben Brown of TN.

Ben is the leader of The 

Vitiligo & Albinism Network 

an ONLINE support system.

Ben is married and the father of 1 daughter,

Meet Justin Hall of ATL.

We first met Justin 

when he joined in at 

our 2016 Inaugural 

World Vitiligo RALLY on the U.S. Capitol Steps.  Justin is a married ffather of one and an Entrepreneur.

Meet Joshua Hampton

from MD.  

In 2016, he was one of 

our breakfast speakers at our inaugural 

Vitiligo WVD Conference in Washington, D.C. 

Joshua is an Electrician whose Vitiligo started when he was very young.

Meet Christopher Paiva from Massachusetts. Chris is a husband and Father of two sons. Both Chris and is wife are in the medical field.

Chris tells his story of living life with Vitiligo and one that you must hear.

                                                        Meet Sharekia Winston from VA. 

She is, a wife, mother and a 

Lic Practical Nurse. 

In 2016 she was scheduled to manage of Health 

and Sunblock table at WVD Rally in D.C. but due to circumstances she was unable to attend

Meet our Vitiligo brother since 2015 Jeff swan from West Virginia. 
In 2016 Jeff was involved in some of our planning meetings about our inaugural WVD Rally on the Capitol Steps in D.C. 

Meet Greg Parmer from Tampa, FL

Greg is married to Kimberly and he is a member of our Florida VITFriends family!

                                                                                  Meet  Lidya Moore  from Florida!

She is a mother, author, Film director and several other hats. Join our conversation on February 21 at 1pm EST. Lidya will share her Life and Journey with Vitiligo. 

Meet Lori Mitchell of California.

She has been a support to VITFriends over the years. She is the author of "Different just Like Me" a book we recommend! The book is about her daughter April Mitchell who was one of our speakers at our 2018 Boston Vitiligo Conference.

Meet Pamela Bradley of TN.

Pamela is a Wife and mother and has had vitiligo over 20+years. 

Pamela has been to a few conferences and would recommend them to anyone.

Meet Angie McAdoo of DE. 

She is new to the Vitiligo Community. She is a wife and mother and Pastor's wife. She works in the field of education and loves to share her Vitiligo story with others.


Meet the gorgeous Narieca Sweeney from ATL. Narieca is a Caribbean girl who move to Atlanta over 20years ago.

Today she is a married nurse with three daughters the oldest a college student also with Vitiligo.

Meet  Andre Joachim of Chicago.

Andre first joined us for the 2016 Inaugural Vitiligo Rally on the U.C. Capitol Steps in D.C.

Andre is a Mental Health Therapist who leads the Visibly Imperfect Vitiligo Group of IL

                                                                       Meet Shel-Rock Roberts of Charlotte, NC. 
Shel-Rock's passion is music!

Shel-Rock is a married father who says that he was encouraged to become a D.J. by his lovely wife.

Meet Derek who has Vitiligo and his mom Lovice from Chicago, IL.

Derek is a freshman in college 

Meet Crystal Alexis from Houston, TX 

Meet Alisha Archibald who is a Wife and Mother from Athens, GA.


Alisha leads a group known as "So RARE They STARE
Vitiligo Awareness.

Meet my dear Vitiligo sister and Indiana VITFriends FWMVA Assistant Dawn Alexander

Meet Stephanie Ritcherson who is a Licensed Therapist as we address the issue of Mental Heath

Meet our Vitiligo sister Aparecida Oliveira of Brazil.   

Meet our Vitiligo Sister Kimberly Dell Robinson of Detroit, MI.

Meet William and Debra Goldberg a part of the Healthier You Series. This couple speaks about Veganism.

Meet our Vitiligo sister Charon Jones of Texas.

We first met Charon at our 2016 inaugural Vitiligo RALLY in D.C on the U. S. Capitol Steps.

Meet Akenna for Trinidad in the Caribbean.

This former flight attendant has a story that 

MUST be heard

Meet Eric Peacock from California, He is the CEO of MyHeathTeam. Eric has had Vitiligo since age 4.

A year ago Eric created MyVitiligoTeam for our Global Vitiligo community. This is a place for us to connect. We are honored to have him agree to partner with us in this work.

Meet Sharon King from Boston, MA.

Sharon is the CEO of Litti Ligo a Vitiligo Social Media Network

                                                                                                                                                  Meet Pauline Burdett from Ontario, Canada

Meet Victoria from NC.

Victoria was the first to register for our Creative Expressions ART  Class and reports the amazing time she's had and the family she has gained.

Meet Kurtis Nickerson from Houston, TX

Kurtis loves Basketball and is preparing for college

Meet our Vitiligo sister Jackie McDonald fromCalifornia

Meet our Vitiligo Sister Tiffany Hunt from Raleigh, NC  

Meet Pastor Sharon Dean of Raleigh, NC. She is a Musician, Artist, Motivational Speaker and Photographer.

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