VITILIGO Friends "VITFriends"

A Vitiligo Support Community of FRIENDS



VITFriends  BOSTON Lead Medical Adviser   (2010)

Vaneeta Sheth, MD


VITFriends  BOSTON Medical Adviser  (2021)

Nicole Gunasekera

VITFriends  BOSTON Medical Adviser  (2018)

David Rosmarin




Vitiligo Research Foundation

Our Partner since 2014

Vitiligo Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funding and fast tracking medical research globally. Our mission is to accelerate the end of suffering for millions of people who suffer from vitiligo through research, support and education.


Get a copy of "A NO-Nonsense Guide to Vitiligo" 

by Yan Valle, CEO (12/17) 

Vitiligo Research Foundation - Groups | Facebook 


Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement (HVAM) 

Houston TX

Led by Diane Wilkes Tribitt , HVAM is a movement to broaden public awareness about Vitiligo; an immune deficiency causing white patches to form on the skin. Vitiligo affects all ages & races.

Vitiligo Camouflage

This is a MUST see demonstration per creator, Vitiligo person and our Podcast Guest

Jackie McDonald

Podcast Interview:





Ogo Maduewsi, President



              French Association of Vitiligo 


 Jean-Marie Meurant, Chair




Vitiligo Support International (VSI)

Looking Back at our relationship with:

Vitiligo Support

In 2004 our president signed membership and paid dues with VSI using the name VITFriend.

Vitiligo Support International held its 2007 Conference was in Historic Williamsburg, Va on July 13 - July 15 and this was a tremendous success! There were 212 in attendance at this conference.

Our President Valarie and Vice President Patricia attended this 2007 conference of VSI along with their spouses. The key reason for attending was to make a connection and to propose the establishment of a relationship between our group and theirs. This did not happen; however, they reported having a tremendous time there and meeting some of the most wonderful people ever.


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