VITILIGO Friends "VITFriends"

A Vitiligo Support Community of FRIENDS

New York, NY

Join us for our next NYC VITFriends social meetup! July 13th, 2-4pm in Madison Square Park. Friends and family welcome! Please rsvp



Meet our Team


Leader:  Patricia Rossy 




 Leader:  Tiffany Grant




Assistant Leader - and - VITFriends Photographer 

Sir Richard Rossy





Our Meeting


Sunday, September 8 at 12:00 - 3:00pm

In Bryant Park 








The Auto Immune Disease WALK


September 16, 2018 

Contact - Tiffany for full details








Looking Back at our History 


Hunnee Bijoux Leader - Brooklyn currently INACTIVE 

September 26, 2015

October 24, 2015



Brooklyn Public Library (Clinton Hill Branch)

(Tel #: 718-398-8713)

380 Washington Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11238.


 3PM - to - 5PM  







RSVP please email:

Shazaad -

Patricia Mills -

or CALL: 

Main Number: 844 374-3639 - NY Ext: 2  

RSVP soon with contact info because space is limited.






 Hunnee Bijoux's photo.







Vitfriends NYC Karaoke Social 4/25/2015

Team Leaders Report:

We had a blast!  People brought friends and family members with them. In total we had about 12 people.

The place - Gogapo Karaoke is in an area in Manhattan called Little Korea. We had a private room. There were snacks provided by Shazaad and Hunnee. Everyone brought their own libations. Folks came out of their shells and belted out their favorite songs. We even sang together as a group. Gogapo has every song imaginable on file. It was an enjoyable freeing experience. We didn't want to leave.

Some quotes from the evening: "It's nice to be in the majority for once". "Soooo I thought I wasnt going to sing last night at our karaoke event but we got to the place and I let loose! We had such a great time! I love my vit group!" "We definitely have to do this again and again". "I love my vit family".  A wonderful time was had by ALL!





A look back at 2014:



Feel FREE to Contact us:

Main Number: 844 374-3639 - NY Ext: 2


Co-Leader:  Patricia Mills - Brooklyn, NY

Co-LeaderShazaad Games -Queens, NY

Co-Leader:  Richard Rossy - Bronx, NY




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