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Advantage Coating  Through their generous donation we are able to send 27 of our members to the 2020 World Vitiligo Day Conference.  

Advantage Coating specializes in a broad array of concrete floor coatings for new construction and renovation projects.  Established in 1993, Advantage Coating is a leader in the concrete floor coating industry in a five-state area including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  We specialize in urethanes, epoxies, acrylics, electrostatic dissipative coatings, conductive, secondary containment coatings, and concrete polishing.  We also do large-scale joint and crack repair on floors.  Authorized to use most major suppliers including Tennant, Dur-a-Flex, Sherwin Williams, BASF, and Florock.

Advantage Coating can enhance the quality of your environment by improving the appearance, durability and protection of your commercial and industrial concrete floors.

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Check out Minnesota's latest Fox 9 Appearance! 

Minnesota to Host the 2020 World Vitiligo Conference.

5th Annual World Vitiligo Day Conference 2020
Presented by The Global Vitiligo Foundation
Hosted by Minnesota VITFriends
Come and enjoy the largest vitiligo gathering in the world!

To register and book your hotel go to

Minnesota's next meeting!!
Sunday August 11th 11:30-2:30

Minnetrista, MN 

Our 4th annual picnic is coming up! This is an open event for those with vitiligo, family, and friends! Jim and Cindy Earnst have graciously opened their home to our group located in Mound/Minnetrista. POTLUCK style, so bring a dish to share. Make sure to wear a vitiligo shirt or purple. We will have yard games to play too. Hope to see you there!!

Email for more details and address.  

Minnesota's next meeting!!

JUNE 9th 1-4pm CDT

Burnhaven Library 1101 W County Road 42 Burnsville, MN 55306

Our next meeting will be on June 9 1-4 PM CDT, here in MN. It will be focused on creating buzz for World Vitiligo Day and spreading awareness about vitiligo. We will be handing out brochures, business cards, handouts, and anything else you can use to promote vitiligo I will also be shooting videos of our members who would like to be able to share their story about vitiligo that we can use to promote. We will also have many books to look through and other information. Also a fun activity for kids to help them create awareness! I hope you can make it, this will be a fun event!


Once again Minnesota VITFriends - A Vitiligo Community will be at Healthy Life Expo. Minneapolis Convention Center on Saturday & Sunday, February 9 & 10 from 10am-5pm.

Look for our booth 717 and our presentation at 4pm on Saturday Stage 2. Stop by and talk to our leader Alicia Roufs for more information and how you can join our local vitiligo community group!
Minnesota VITFriends - A Vitiligo Community

For more information click HERE!

February 23rd 8:30-10pm
Dangerfield's Comedy Club
1583 East 1st Ave
Shakopee, MN 55379

I am beyond excited to invite you to our very first 2019 Minnesota VITFriends gathering! One of our new members Kevin Cahák is a local comedian who, you guessed it, has vitiligo! Kevin has recently made his network television debut working with Pauly Shore in “Pauly Shore Stands Alone” on Showtime and was also a finalist in the “2016 Funniest Person in MN” Let's show him our support by attending one of his shows on Feb 23rd!! Tickets are $15 a piece and can call 952-445-2245 to reserve. Please RSVP and let me know if you are interested in going! That way we can try and get a group table together. Kevin would have to have those stay after the show to meet and greet too.


Our Minnesota Family

Our proud sponsors of Minnesota VITFriends

Alicia's presentation at Mayo Clinic

Alicia's appearance on Fox 9 news

Our Minnesota Team's 1st Annual picinic

WELCOME Minnesota!

Alicia Roufs

Minnesota Team Leader

Alicia Roufs reports... that I has had vitiligo since I was three months old.   I have never known myself without vitiligo.  It has shaped who I am, and how I am. What’s underneath my spotted exterior is what matters most to me and others.  I’m not gonna lie and tell you everything was wonderful growing up.  Having vitiligo at such a young age was very hard.  Kids are very cruel and I was called every name you can imagine.  It definitely made me a stronger more outspoken person.   I wasn’t going to let a silly little skin disease rule my life.  I learned to be the class clown and make jokes.  I figured if they could laugh with me, it was stopping them from laughing at me.

The doctors have linked my vitiligo to my mother developing hypothyroidism before she was pregnant with me.  I guess auto immune diseases run in my family.  My sister also has hypothyroidism, and I have diabetes on both sides.  I have developed Graves’ Disease which is also an auto immune disease.   It’s amazing to me how so much is linked together.  I have never used make up or tried any treatment for my vitiligo.  I have just used my self-confidence to get me through it.   I wouldn’t say I have given up hope for a cure, but I think I have come to the realization that trying to cure an auto immune disease isn’t probably going to happen in my lifetime.  

I am married to an awesome man Dominic Roufs, who is a huge supporter of my vitiligo awareness efforts.  I also have one son named Herbie who thinks that vitiligo ROCKS!!  We live in a small town in Minnesota in our home with our dog Ronnie.  We are very blessed people and are very lucky for all we have. 

My goal with our group here in Minnesota, is to bring everyone together and let them know that there are so many people with vit just like them.  I would have given anything growing up to know someone else with vitiligo.  I also want to be a link between doctors and dermatologist for patients with vitiligo who feel they have nowhere to turn.  I also want to help educate the medical community on vitiligo since many people who work in it have never even heard of vit. 

I am proud that I can sit here and say I have vitiligo.  I have no problem educating those around me and informing what I have.  I have been truly blessed to have such a supportive and loving family to lean on during tough and unsure times.  I have loved meeting fellow vitiligo people via FaceBook and offering advice and a shoulder to lean on.  It has given me a much greater purpose.  I know that God doesn’t make mistakes.  He gave me this disease because he knew I could handle it and help others.  I am glad he did.  Because really, those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.  


New Prague, MN




Available by email anytime!


new prague, mn
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