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Denise MOLLOY - December 2017

Renata Della Costa  -  Natick, MA

Samuel J. Weinhoff -  NY

Jonathan Della Costa  -  Natick, MA 

Ezra Cudjoe  -  Bronx, NY 

Richard & Jean Masland  - Weston, MA 

Charlene Gross  -  UNKNOWN - Birthday Gift 







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Hello Friends,

Please let your HEART speak to your Head!

One goal of VITFRIENDS is to assist individuals who may want to attend our annual gathering and financially cannot. Your support of our web-community also helps us to maintain this website, support our children's program and our meetings and so much more.

Please consider a one-time or an annual love gift of any size, to support our Vision and our Mission. Please know that we are FRIENDS supporting and encouraging Friends.

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VITFriends - 7 Frazer Street - Boston, MA 02136

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Valarie Molyneaux,





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Become a good neighbor!

Help us bring more awareness to this condition.

- Invest in the development of VITFriends.

- Help us bring VITILIGO people together.

- Help us educate the public and health professionals about the effects of having Vitiligo.

- Help us build and increase strong support for people with vitiligo and their families.

- Help by investing in the social and economic development of this community.


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VITFriends Vitiligo Support Group Inc. is a charitable organization with tax-exempt status granted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Contributing financially to OUR cause, enables us to:

- Assist us in establishing a Vitiligo AWARENESS Curriculum that can be used in Early Elementary to educate children about Vitiligo and the human Skin.

-This we believe strongly will help curb the bullying that of our children experience on a daily bases because of a lack of knowledge about Vitiligo. 

 - Makes attending our annual VITILIGO gathering a reality for some deserving person.

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Here are some WAYS that you can help to support our community and our Talk Show:

* By purchasing a copy of "My HEART Speaks" authored by our President

* By your Financial GIFT

* By donating your OLD Cell Phones at our annual gathering.

* By purchasing our VITFRIENDS products. (tee-shirt; CD; etc...)

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