VITILIGO Friends "VITFriends"

A Vitiligo Support Community of FRIENDS

Board of Directors


Our VITFriends team is made up of volunteers. Our goal is

to educate, encourage, support and advocate for those with Vitiligo.

M. Valarie Molyneaux 

Boston VITFriends

Patricia Rossy

Vice President 
NYC VITFriends

Barbara Hamilton

Boston VITFriends

Alicia Roufs

Marketing & PR Director 
Minnesota VITFriends

Rev, Dr. Wallace Henry

Legislative Lead
DC Metro VITFriends

Volunteer State Officer/Leader

Leader: Connecticut - Millicent L. Meadows  

Leader: New York - Patricia Rossy

Co-Leader NY: Tiffany Grant, 

Co-LeaderRaleigh, NC - Katrina Christian

Co-LeaderRaleigh, NC - Mark Braxton

LeaderIndiana - Denise Crooms-Blanks 

Co-Leader IN: Belinda Reynolds

Leader: Delaware - Adrienne Jenkins 

LeaderMinnesota - Alicia Roufs  

LeaderWashington, DC - Wallace Henry, III 

Leader: Virginia - Rochelle Yarborough  

Leader: Wisconsin - Reneasha Hawthorne 

Leader: Florida  -  Tonja Johnson 

Leader: Nevada - Katie Lee

Volunteer Member Leaders

Corporate Asst. - Shirley Walcott

Corporate Asst. - James Roy Molyneaux

Photographer/Videographer: Richard Rossy

Medical Student Lead. - Fiat Dzuali - Harvard University 

Legislative Lead: Rev. Dr. Wallace Henry, III

Legislative Asst. - Sandra Blackett

NIH Lead: Denise Blanks

NIH Asst - Tiffany Grant

Children's Division Director - April Sawyer

Advisory Team

Medical Advisor - Kristina Liu, MD - BWH

Medical Advisor - John Harris, MD - UMass Medical

Medical Advisor - David Rosmarin, MD - TUFTS

Advisor  -  Yan Valle, CEO Vitiligo Research Foundation 

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