Conference 2014 - NYC Conference 2014 - NYC Conference WELCOME 194470456 Massachusetts Governors Declaration 194470457 Team setting up on Friday evening! 194472274 Miss Pat Mills - Conference Registrar 194470458 Prayer of Blessing @ Dinner - Mrs. Denise Gibson 194470459 President's Welcome! 194470460 Conference Session in progress 194470461 President Valarie and Vice President Pat Rossy - 2014 Host 194470462 1st Speaker - Millicent - Hartford, CT 194470463 Millicent has the audience attention 194470464 Yan Valle, VRF CEO, Moscow, Russia 194470465 Valarie and her cousins from NYC Their grand-mothers were sisters 194472270 Saturday morning @ Breakfast 194470466 Saturday Morning Session 194470467 Session in progress 194470468 First speaker - Dr. Richard Huggins, Detroit, MI 194470469 He delivered! 194470470 He shared his personal experiences 194470471 Millicent (CT) asking a question Angeline (MA) and Yvonne (GA) listens 194470473 Listening closely! 194470474 Richard Olaya (NJ) and Hunnee (NY) listens 194470475 The men taking it to the streets of Harlem, NY 194470476 The ladies taking it to the streets of Harlem, NY 194470477 Chanel (MD) sharing about her vitiligo on the streets of NY 194470478 Sharing the God love you..No Matter What! 194470479 Rev Perry Riley - sharing with a brother whose last name happens to be Riley! 194470480 Rev P says "Val can you believe that in NYC I would meet another Riley?" 194470481 Proud to be who we are - VITILIGO people! 194470482 Heading back from the streets of Harlem 194470483 Heading back for lunch before the afternoon session 194470484 The church Pantry - Giving away bags of groceries.. 194470485 Aunt Dorothy Williams - The Former Bishops wife 194470486 Rev Perry was presented on the steps of the church to the neighborhood 100 ministers were on 100 corners of Harlem and all returned at 3pm for a rousing rally, music, the church choir and reports of their street ministry efforts. 194470490 Rev Perry (Houston, TX) brought the house down on the stairs 194470491 Rev Perry had the people on their feet as a SHOUT of Joy rang out. 194470492 Our President addresses the crowd 194470493 After lunch - Pat Mills reminded us of a few things 194470487 Session in progress! 194472272 A round-table wrap-up session with ALL of our speakers Yan Valle, Vitiligo Research Foundation CEO not present for this photo. 194470488 Questions for our speakers 194470489 Dr. Huggins and Yan Valle 194472273 The Raffle Table 194472275 Saturday morning breakfast! 194472276 Team dinner at a nearby restaurant 194470494 Walking to Saturday evening dinner! 194470495 What a fun time together! 194470496 President Valarie, Ed Lee (NJ) and Vice President Pat 194375446 The most beautiful people TOGETHER! 194470497 VITFriends President Valarie (MA) 194472271 A musical presentation 194470498 A musical presentation 194470499 Saturday Evening Dinner 194472278 Breakfast Time 197093105 Roy and Valarie Molyneaux 194472277 Saturday Dinner 194472279 Comparing vitiligo patches 194472280 Saturday evening dinner 194472281 Session 194472282 Session observing Jennifer (DC) Shirley (MA) and Millie (CT) 194472283 Stacy Huggins (MI) and Valarie (MA) Valarie and Roy's life played out in drama...amazing! 194472284 Enjoying Saturday Dinner 194472285 Ed (NJ) and Jenniefer (DC) 194472286 Shazaad (NY) with the ladies at Dinner 194472287 Dinner 194472288 Barbara (MA) Frances (NY) Patricia (NY) and Angeline (MA) 194472559 Going into Bethel Gospel Assembly for Sunday Morning service 194472560 Our team together for Sunday Service 194472561 Everyone enjoying a powerful worship experience 194472562 Whether balcony or main floor the worship was amazing! 194472563 Catching our cameraman Richard Rossy at work 194472565 Wrapping up 194472566 Homeless man we meet with Vitiligo, his eye open so wildly when he saw all of us 194473247 20 Page VITFriends Conference Booklet 194472567 Rev Perry and Sis Gwen address the congregation 197093102 Sunday morning service as our president address the congregation 197093103 Our president is supported by her cousin Deborah whose dad was the former church Bishop, Rev Ezra Williams 197093110