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2019 -&- 2018 Conference

2019 World Vitiligo Conference 

was Hosted by 

Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement

Diane Wilkes Tribitt and Dr. Amit Pandy

and Sponsored by

Global Vitiligo Foundation

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2018 World Vitiligo Conference

Greetings Family!

As CEO/Founder of VITFriends Vitiligo Support Community it is my delight and honor to co-host our 3rd Annual UNITED Vitiligo Community Conference in Worcester, MA with Dr John Harris and the Research Center & Vitiligo Clinic at the University of MA Medical School-Worcester Campus.

I am extremely PROUD of all of the USA groups and international groups that will be participating in this year's conference; some includes Africa, France, Brazil, Netherlands, just to mention a few. We will have with us MOST of the USA leading dermatologist at our conference.

Our children will have a platform and even opportunity to share, thanks to our children's Director April Sawyer. Our teen and young adults will be represented also. Our Vitiligo Man of Action leader Perry Whaley will address our men and so much more. This will be a time to remember.

Thanks you sponsors, supporters, ALL attendees and prayer PRAYER warriors!


Mrs Valarie Molyneaux
May 17, 2018


From Conference 2018

From Conference 2018

A video created by our Marketing Director Alicia Roufs for the conference.  This highlights many of our support groups from all over the USA. 


Our National Vitiligo Conference

and World Vitiligo Celebration 2018

was a HUGE success!

(see Photo ALBUM -



hosted by

VITFriends Vitiligo Support Community


University of MA - Worcester Campus

Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center





VITILIGO Nation...

Our World Vitiligo Conference shows that...

Although we are part of the 1% - Many walk the same path....


Thanks Tiffany GRANT



Thanks for supporting our efforts! 



  Please support our efforts, Thank you!

2018 DONORS 


 DONATION to our Children's Fund


 Claudio Ustica   -  Florida - $5.00  - PPP

Jill Wurth   -   Missouri  - $20.00  -  PPP 

Vilenky Rios   -   NH  -   $10.00 -   PPP 

  Kerry Choquette  -  $20.00  -  PPP

        April Sawyer -  MA  -  $30.00  -  PPP 

      Visa Sanford/Crystal  -  $40.00  -  PPP

       Brian Wallace  -  $50.00  -  PPP

            Jill Wurth  -  $45.00  -  PPP

      Annette DeHaven  - $10.00  -  PPP 

      Jennifer Pomeroy  -  $20.00  -  PPP

             Stacey Langan  -  $10.00  -  PPP 

  Miranda Tobar  -  $20.00  -  PPP

        Kerry Choquette  -  $65.00  -  PPP

Kashif Saleem  -  5.00  -  PPP

                        Rebecca Rafferty  -  30.00 - PPP  (3/23/18) 

                    Jim Fogarty  -  50.00  -  PPP (via fb 4/5/18)




        2018 DONORS


 Denise Molloy 

Charmaine Hewitt 

Sinrenity Amachi

Miriam Cook

Shareka Winston

Detra Boyd

Sandra Blackett, Boston, MA 

 Patricia Mills, NY 

 Marina Marin, Boston, MA 

Prince Beloved  

Author Lori Mitchell, CA

Patricia Doktor

Ranford Richardson, GA 

Detra Boyd, PA 

  Family & Child Empowerment Services, VA

Dr. Vaneeta Sheth. Canada 

Samuel J. Weinhoff, NY 

Jessica Sloan

Angel SOTO

Tressi Greene-Colon, NY 

Iona N. Allen, NY 

Lidya Moore, unknown 


The Sullivan Group Edina Realty, MN 








 A Look BACK at 2017! 





Patricia & Richard Rossy  -  Bronx, NY 

 John Young  -  N/A

Jennifer McZier  -  Washington, DC 










Katrina Christian  -  Raleigh, NC 

Bill Singleton  -  Rolesville, NC

Alicia Roufs   -  New Prague, MN 

Raleigh North Christian Center, Raleigh, NC 

Sister-2-Sister Prayer Support Group, Boston, MA

Belinda L. Perry  -  Durham, NC

Florizell Jenninks Daniels  -  Raleigh, NC

Jenae Williams  -  Raleigh, NC

Melissa Mack  -  Raleigh, NC

Charles Jennings  -  Raleigh, NC 

 Richard and Jean Masland  -  Weston, MA

Donna Bergeron  -  Raleigh, NC

Jonathan & Catherine Parham  -  Apex, NC 

Nicole Haag  -  Raleigh, NC 

Nadine Curry  -  Raleigh, NC

Nathalie Bazil  -  Hyde Park, MA 

DaLaine Meyers  -  Raleigh, NC

Elena Argaluza  -  Cary, NC

Lynn Doyle  -  Raleigh, NC

Patricia Mills  -  Brooklyn, NY 

Beverly Lewis  -  Hyde Park, MA 

Tammi Brooks  -  East Dublin, GA

Samuel Weinhoff  -  New York, NY

 Kim Boyd  -  Detroit, MI

Dr. Vaneeta Sheth  -  Wellesley, MA

Dr. Richard and Stacey Huggins  -  Detroit, MI

Diane Connolly  -  Weston, MA

David Leader  -  New York, NY 

 Elsa Lowe-Evariste  -  Randolph, MA

   Dr. Nada Elbuluk  -  NYU, NY

 Sheila Campbell  -  Wilmington, DE

Robert & Joyce Taylor  -  New Castle, DE 




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