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Patricia & Richard Rossy  -  Bronx, NY 

 John Young  -  N/A

Jennifer McZier  -  Washington, DC 












Katrina Christian  -  Raleigh, NC 

Bill Singleton  -  Rolesville, NC

Alicia Roufs   -  New Prague, MN 

Raleigh North Christian Center, Raleigh, NC 

Sister-2-Sister Prayer Support Group, Boston, MA

Belinda L. Perry  -  Durham, NC

Florizell Jenninks Daniels  -  Raleigh, NC

Jenae Williams  -  Raleigh, NC

Melissa Mack  -  Raleigh, NC

Charles Jennings  -  Raleigh, NC 

 Richard and Jean Masland  -  Weston, MA

Donna Bergeron  -  Raleigh, NC

Jonathan & Catherine Parham  -  Apex, NC 

Nicole Haag  -  Raleigh, NC 

Nadine Curry  -  Raleigh, NC

Nathalie Bazil  -  Hyde Park, MA 

DaLaine Meyers  -  Raleigh, NC

Elena Argaluza  -  Cary, NC

Lynn Doyle  -  Raleigh, NC

Patricia Mills  -  Brooklyn, NY 

Beverly Lewis  -  Hyde Park, MA 

Tammi Brooks  -  East Dublin, GA

Samuel Weinhoff  -  New York, NY

 Kim Boyd  -  Detroit, MI

Dr. Vaneeta Sheth  -  Wellesley, MA

Dr. Richard and Stacey Huggins  -  Detroit, MI

Diane Connolly  -  Weston, MA

David Leader  -  New York, NY 

 Elsa Lowe-Evariste  -  Randolph, MA

   Dr. Nada Elbuluk  -  NYU, NY

 Sheila Campbell  -  Wilmington, DE

Robert & Joyce Taylor  -  New Castle, DE 



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                             VITFriends Vitiligo Support Org                       

                     Sumter SC Vitiligo Support Group          




 What is Vitiligo?  It is a skin disease; however, it is not contagious.

Vitiligo is a member of the autoimmune family of diseases, and affects the color of the skin.

Awareness is KEY to educating the masses as to just what this condition is.

Vitiligo patients are often scorned, physically and verbally abused and in today’s society some are being bullied.

NO federal dollars have been allocated for Vitiligo Support and some insurance companies do NOT cover the treatments that can be helpful to those interested in re-pigmenting.

People with Vitiligo face a serious Quality of Life issue that many others can not relate too.

Like other autoimmune disease, Vitiligo must be respected as such and NOT be labeled a mere COSMETIC ISSUE.

We NEED You! We need the support of everyone concerned with and without Vitiligo to STAND with us. World VITILIGO Day, June 25, 2016 is the day that we will make our VOICES be heard as we STAND together as a sign of VISIBLE strength and say with one voice that Vitiligo MUST be of real concern to our nation and to our world and we want it to be noted and respected as such.

You can SPONSOR an individual to attend this event or SUPPORT the efforts/expenses to making this event a success…..we THANK YOU!

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