VITILIGO Friends "VITFriends"

A Vitiligo Support Community of FRIENDS

Our Leadership Team


Our Vitfriends team is made up of volunteers. Our goal is

to educate, encourage, support and advocate for those with Vitiligo.

Our Annual Board Meeting is held every February/March.


Executive Committee

M. Valarie Molyneaux, President/Founder

Patricia Rossy, Vice President

Barbara J. Hamilton, Treasurer

Millicent Meadows, Administrative Asst.

Alicia Roufs, Marketing & Public Relations Director 

Jessica Keith, Personal Assistant


Board Members at Large

    Shirley Walcott

James Roy Molyneaux

Elvy Hawbaker

Telisha Gibson

                   Rev Perry & Gwen Riley, Houston, TX     

           Leader: ConnecticutMillicent L. Meadows  

Co-Leader: New York - Richard Rossy, NYU Contact

Co-Leader: New York - Patricia Mills, NYU Contact

Assisting: New York - Shazaad Games, NYU Contact 

Liasion/Leader: Carolina's - Cawanda Evans

Co-Leader: Raleigh, NC - Katrina Christian

Leader: Indiana - Denise Crooms-Blanks 

Leader: Delaware - Adrienne Jenkins 

Leader: Minnesota - Alicia Roufs  

Leader: Washington, DC - Wallace Henry, III 

Senior Medical Advisor - Vaneeta Sheth, MD

Medical Advisor - John Harris, MD

Medical Student Asst.  - Renata, UMass 

 Medical Student Asst. - Fi, Harvard University




Team Members SPOTLIGHT:


FEATURING: Our Hartford, CT Leader


Millicent Meadows was born in Hartford Connecticut where she currently resides with her son, Nicholas. She was raised in a single family home by a strong mother and her four brothers.

At age fifteen, Millicent noticed a white spot on her left middle finger. She didn’t worry about the spot until it became bigger and that’s when her mother decided to get a medical opinion. Her mother was referred to Yale New Haven Hospital, and there is where she discovered she had Vitiligo.

From age fifteen until she was 33, Millicent never really accepted herself completely. She stayed secluded in her mother’s home for years to hide the Vitiligo for the outside world. She felt that society would not be acceptable to her looks. On the day of her brother’s wedding, it took a conversation with a friend that changed her life. It was hot day in July and Millicent said to her friend, “It’s too hot to wear stockings,” which helped camouflage her Vitiligo on her legs for years. Her friend then replied, “Then don’t wear them.” You know, from that little conversation it helped open a door for her that’s been locked for so long. Since then she has become more comfortable in her skin. Accepting herself as God has made her. She stopped questioning, “Why me,” and learned to let go and let God.

Millicent received her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services in 2007, from Springfield College School of Human Services located in Springfield Massachusetts. She was the class representative at graduation and received a Magna Cum Laude honorary recognition. She also received her Master’s of Science degree in Human Services in 2008 from the same educational institution. Additionally, she attended Hartford Seminary, located in Hartford Connecticut where she received a certification in The Women’s Leadership Institute Program.

Having Vitiligo, Millicent decided to do her thesis graduate paper and a PowerPoint presentation on the effects Vitiligo has on individuals. It was titled, “Vitiligo – Are there enough support resources?” From this research she discovered many finding Vitiligo patients faced in society, such as lack of support from medical professionals, and stigmatization.

Vitiligo has open many doors for Millicent, externally and internally. Because of Vitiligo, it has made her become a voice and stronger advocate of those who chooses to remain secluded. Without the support from loving family and friends, she would have never been able to take those extra steps into receiving the prize that awaits. Millicent hopes that the positive reflection she sees in the mirror every day reflects on the people that has and will cross her path in the future.

Millicent works for the City of Hartford as a Project Manager.





FEATURING: Our Vice President



Hello my name is Patricia Ann Rossy. My Vitiligo came to me in 1997 as a small spot.  Vitiligo is now over my entire body. 


Vitiligo brought me to VITFriends and today, I am the Vice President of this wonderful support group and in charge of VITFriends State Representatives. I am excited to be on board with VITFriends to help and encourage others and help them conquer any fears or doubts.  We at VITFriends all know and we remind each other that God has created us fearfully and wonderfully, and Vitiligo is just a thing that shows us off. My goal at VITFriends is to build and help make a stronger organization for those who will call on us for support.


I am currently employed as a personal administrative assistant for an investment banker. I serve on the Board of the Marriage Ministry and also on the Board of the Real Life Theater at Bethel Gospel Assembly in Harlem, NY.   In my spare time I fine great enjoyment in designing and selling my own jewelry.