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Lena Ann Johnson

Joined May 24 2016
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49 years old
Houston, TX
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I have started with the first handbag line “INVINCIBLE”. The INVINCIBLE line will embody the true essence of my tagline “Redefining Beauty”. A vast majority of people feel that beauty defines one’s outer appearance only. We tend to have a fixation with defining a female as beautiful based on her outer appearance only.

Not many females of different nationalities and ethnicities are highlighted in the media because they don’t embody the general population’s definition of beauty. Many females with skin disorders, who have lost limbs, individuals with vitiligo or who are burn survivors, have albinism, etc. often get stared at, treated negatively, ignored or pitied. Females or anyone for that matter, should not be defined by or limited to any of these situations. Also the word “beautiful” should not be absent or excluded. In general people are afraid of the unknown or uniqueness. Using education and awareness can greatly reduce the fear, mistreatment and

often-times alienation.


If you get the chance, please google how Lady Gaga and other celebrities were negatively treated or alienated because they were different and/or did not fit the definition of pretty, cute or attractive when they were still kids in school. Lady Gaga refers to her fans as her “little monsters”.

This huge deficit for the definition of beauty in the media and fashion industry deteriorates a female’s self-esteem at very young ages. This promotes eating disorders, self-hate, self-doubt and low self-esteem. These feelings of inadequacies can follow a young female into adulthood. Unknowingly mothers pass their negative feelings about their bodies, etc. to their daughters with their comments about their noses, hips, legs, hair, skin complexion, lips, height, etc. This underscores a young female’s low self-esteem and the media messages about what constitutes beauty.


Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. Beauty comes in many hues, races and ethnicities. Beauty can be short or tall with curly, kinky or straight hair. Beauty has brown, blue, green or hazel eyes. Beauty has freckles and wears glasses. Beauty includes many age groups. Beauty has red, black, blonde, grey or brown hair. For the goth- girls and punk rockers: blue, pink, green or purple hair. Most of all, beauty can be internal and external.

Together we can redefine beauty!!!!


I really admire Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign. Dove underscores and highlights the statistics of low self-esteem in girls and the stark contrast in how women describe themselves externally versus how other describe them and other awesome videos. You will be amazed. I have provided a link to Dove’s mini videos below. They are incredible and so enlightening.

How we as females process the negatives, the hurdles, major illnesses, skin disorders, bullying, abuse any many other adversities in our lives and turn these experiences into positive and uplifting outcomes…………is beautiful indeed.


The handbags will serve as an additional platform to raise awareness, educate people and help them understand skin disorders like vitiligo and albinism, understand the journeys and the process of healing for burn and cancer survivors, as well as the journeys of amputees from healing to running marathons, etc. The everyday lives……..the good and the bad and how they rose above it all to become the uniquely beautiful, strong, courageous and invincible females that they are today.

These stories will help build stronger confidence and help to eliminate self-doubt and low self-esteem in females.

Low self-esteem and self-doubt can cause females to make poor choices in life because often times, we feel that we do not deserve anything good or the best.


**** A percentage of my sales will be donated to non-profits that align with my vision/mission.


****My website will feature different females who have risen above their adversities to do great things in their lives, whether they are great mothers, received higher education, starting a business to paying it forward by helping others.


****My website address is  (still building, but you can add your email address)

****Facebook page Lena Johnson


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