VITILIGO Friends "VITFriends"

A Vitiligo Support Community of FRIENDS

Vitiligo Research Foundation

VR Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funding and fast tracking medical research globally. Our mission is to accelerate the end of suffering for millions of people who suffer from vitiligo through research, support and education.


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World Vitiligo Day, 25 June 




V-Strong and Clarity-LTF






Dr. Vaneeta Sheth - is an Active Board Member and Medical Advisor to VITFriends. Dr. Vaneeta leads a vitiligo clinic that was opened Spring 2011. The clinic offers topical treatments, phototherapy and more. We encourage you to contact Dr. Vaneeta's practice or email us if you have questions:

Brigham and Women's Dept. of Dermatology
221 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115
Office: 617-732-4918



Dr. John Harris, MD, PhD




Nada Elbuluk, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor
New York University
Dept. of Dermatology 



The National Institute of Health

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* VITFriends is a proud NIAMS Coalition

Member Group and our Rep is:

Mrs. Denise Blanks of Indiana






Vitiligo Camouflage


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Dr. Wanakee Hill, ND

The Wellness Well, LLC

P O Box 359H Scarsdale, NY 10583

817 296 2829





Ogo Maduewsi, President



              French Association of Vitiligo 


 Jean-Marie Meurant, Chair



Vitiligo Support International (VSI)



Looking Back at our relationship with:

Vitiligo Support

In 2004 our president signed membership and paid dues with VSI using the name VITFriend.

Vitiligo Support International held its 2007 Conference was in Historic Williamsburg, Va on July 13 - July 15 and this was a tremendous success! There were 212 in attendance at this conference.

Our President Valarie and Vice President Patricia attended this 2007 conference of VSI along with their spouses. The key reason for attending was to make a connection and to propose the establishment of a relationship between our group and theirs. This did not happen; however, they reported having a tremendous time there and meeting some of the most wonderful people ever.